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Update - 6-24-2009
I had a long conversation with Billy Punt the day before yesterday. He seems like a really consciencious guy, and told me about the bank account set up, and trust fund issues.

He gave me the name of the law firm and told me how they voted in a board meeting to do all the trust work pro bono. He is now waiting for them to complete the paperwork.

I asked him how the trust would be structured - he said it would be used to pay any immediate and ongoing medical proceedures, and any left over would go to Angelo in monthly payments once he turned 18.

I mentioned that some people on this site had found doctors willing to work pro bono, and he told me that it would be great if I could forward any related info so he could try to get it in to the hands of Angelo's caregivers.

I got a really good feeling from him, and he seemed like he really cared. He was going to be a trustee of the trust along with the uncle, Jesse, and 2 other local pastors. He said they money would go to angelo only and not his caregiver, regardless of whether Jesse became angelo's guardian or not.

At this point, I feel good about endorsing their collection and trust efforts, and also contributing the money collected on the site to them.

Their site for donations is: and I would recommend people check it out, donate their or via a local Wells Fargo.

I will keep this site up and hope it can continue to be a place where people can share their thoughts about Angelo, and I think once he is in a permanent placement, we can coordinate sending more personal donations like toys etc.

Please continue to post new news stories and info about upcoming events to benefit Angel - I know I rely on the site for updates and I believe there are others who do as well.

Thanks so much for helping spread the word, and check back here for updates.

I decided to start this site after reading about the tragedy that happened to Angelo Mendoza Jr. I had never heard anything so horrible in my life, and wanted to do something to help Angelo in some way.

If you aren't familiar with the story: On April 28 Angelo's father, high on PCP, bit the boy's eyes so badly that he is now, by most accounts, permanently blinded. The father then attacked his own ankle with an axe before being taken in to custody. The boy is quoted as saying 'My daddy ate my eyes" - one of the most awful things I have ever heard.

Since I came across the story, I have been thinking about ways to help Angelo. There is very little information about how to do so, so I decided to start this website. The mission of 'Friends of Angelo' is:

1) Collect Donations for Angelo's direct benefit Make a cash donation
Donations will be used to:

  • Improve or restore Angelo's sight (including therapy and other costs related to living with reduced vision or blindness)
  • Help Angelo cosmetically (glass eye, eye socket restoration)
  • Help Angelo psychologically (counseling for him and for his caregivers/guardians so they know how to help him heal)

2) Keep up to date on all news related to Angelo

If you want to help Angelo, please donate, or contribute to this site through posting on the forums or by helping publicize this site. How you can help

I have no connection to Angelo, or to his extended family, but I have a son Angelo's age and this story touched me very personally. I promise that any contributions will go directly to the care and benefit of Angelo Mendoza Jr.

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